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Why Regenearth

Artisanal or Creative Manufacturing potentially can accelerate global regenerative economies impacting 11 of the 17 SDG’s

  • 2nd largest rural income provider in India, and many parts of the globe
  • Contributes USD 3.24 billion USD to GDP and 1.3 billion USD to exports

Opportunity & Impact of Covid

  • 60% of global customers looking for sustainable consumption, pre COVID and numbers rising post
  • Geographic derisking- focus area for global supply chains, wake up call for localisation of economies
  • Reverse migration and interest within states for local jobs, 22 million jobs lost overall in the first wave
  • Growing interest in SDG impact on linkages between artisans, gender, livelihood, climate change
  • Rich environment for cross learnings, within enabling orgs


Industree’s Journey enabling the championing of Regenearth

  • Since 1994 Industree understood that it was only deep engagement that could transform the lives of the most vulnerable communities in the creative manufacturing sector. Its hands on work in building national and global markets enabled regular livelihoods for women in community owned companies. The 6C model evolved organically from this deep practice.
  • The enabling eco-system it was building was recognized by Schwab Foundation, Work Economic forum, Womanity foundation and now through the receipt of India’s Apex social business award.
  • Industree deeply committed to the values of co-creation and collaboration enabling sector to flourish and it is doing this through Regenearth its broad engagement engine and PIE, Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship…societal website link.

Are you interested in taking your social enterprise to next level?

Get access to practitioner led cross learning, co create & connect with organisations as opposed to working in silos, understand best practices and operating models for acceleration towards the SDG’s, combine capacities and resources for ecosystem prosperity/richness, enable agency building in the underserved, create jobs, scale regenerative economies and cultural continuity, Empower producers, connect local skills and raw materials to national/international supply chains and positively impact Climate Change!

Join us for Regenearth 3.0!


6C is a comprehensive framework that describes the 6 key elements of an enabling ecosystem for underserved producers to thrive. The framework has served as an effective tool to analyse creative manufacturing enterprises, programs and other initiatives, identify gaps and build effective solutions. Regenearth is one such solution and it’s core offerings including diagnostics, content and collaboration platforms are heavily influenced by the 6C framework


Mobile, Aggregate, Deep Hand Hold

Construct encompasses all activities pertaining to on boarding and organizing producers into groups and eventually producer enterprises, ensuring infrastructure is in place for handholding support. This lays the foundation for the rest of the components of the model, which create the enabling ecosystem for producer enterprises. The professional management team handholds enterprises through key activities, including the creation and incubation of producer companies, as well as training and building the long-term capability of the producers that own them.


Design & Value addition

Create component ensures producers have access to design resources that will give rise to competitive and appealing products for contemporary markets. Create also refers to the resource and development cycle for a new value chain where new products are prototyped.


Access to working capital & impact equity

Capital involves ensuring that all projects are funded, and that eventually, producers possess the tools, credit history, and digital financial literacy they need to access working capital on their own merit, thus enabling financially independent producer enterprises.


Market Access

Channel builds the networks between the producers and markets, ensuring that products reach a diverse range of consumers in the local, regional, national, and international markets.


Access to Technical & Soft skills

Capacity refers to training and capacity building, in both production-related hard skills and soft skills, which include the social empowerment curriculum as well as entrepreneurship skills.


Digital Solutions for traceable supply chains

Connect is the technology element that manifests in two forms. First, an e-commerce portal that will provide increased visibility and a brand under which creative producers can sell their products on a B2B2C and a B2C basis. Second, a platform of various apps that will manage the B2B ecosystem by bringing in a network of stakeholders, knowledge, and resources for each of the other components, including, designers, mentors, customers, and more. It also serves the purpose of tracking the entire value chain from raw material sourcing to sale, allowing for traceability and transparency of the entire process.

Cohort Structure


We have a market connect, an institutional finance connect, importance of design inputs and a discussion with Srishti Design School for design interns and so on. All this change in planning and perspective within a short period has been primarily due to Regenearth sessions.

Sandeep Sabharwal

Deshpande Foundation

We have completed one year of our venture. We are more confident about terracotta and about our vision. The tools/templates introduced to us by Regenearth has really helped us understand ourselves better. The 100 yr vision, the golden circle and the DNA molecule has helped.



I have been working alone on the concept for a few years. I knew I lacked the vocabulary for this sector and I was struggling with the business canvas for my business. These sessions are of great help. When you are working in a group the interaction helps in solving a lot of problems.




Frequently Asked Questioins

  • Regenearth is best suited for professionals, decision makers in the creative manufacturing sector. It is suitable for entities like social enterprises, NGOs, institutions.

  • Regenearth is applicable to value chains in the farm and off farm sector.

  • The course duration is about 45 weeks wherein we meet every 2/3 weeks for a 2hr live session. Between the sessions the participants are expected to implement the learnings and stay connected with the Regenearth team.

  • While the cohort journey is for 45 weeks, post cohort the team stays connected with the participants and supports them over the next 52 weeks. This will be a light touch engagement and shall be driven by the participants.


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