About Regenearth

Industree’s championing of Regenearth has evolved from it‘s experience of incubating producer owned collectives globally.

Regenearth is a movement to propel equitable enterprises towards sustainable livelihoods. They become reliable players within a regenerative economy by adopting non linear scaling pathways and building successful models through shared practices.

The programme builds capacity of the players such as community leader, community professionals, incubators, accelerators and enterprises who have the ability and willingness to implement these learnings and thus contribute towards an enabling ecosystem to thrive. The multiplication of impact is paramount to the success of the initiative.

Growth Engine

6C illustration

Engine 3 (PIE)- Impact 2.7 million producers

  • Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (PIE)- A digital ecosystem for first mile solutioning Enable robust technology using power of networks to scale faster Enable 6C services online

Engine 2 (Regenearth) - Impact 0.3 million producers
  • Ecosystem building
  • Ripple effect of training organisations and enterprises in the 6C framework Collaboration, co-creation and customization of best practices

Engine 1 - Impact 0.03 million producers
  • Create and accelerate producer-owned enterprises to sustainability
  • Use holistic 6C model
  • Build capacity
  • Enable market centric product development
  • Enable access to vital working capital.

Alignment with Sustainable Development Goals



Meet the Team

Jacob Mathew

Mentor (Yoda)

Ami Patel

Program Lead

Navrun Jacob

Content Manager

Jolly Varghese

Content Manager

Srishti Gupta

Manager Capacity

Krishnendu Mani

Stakeholder Operations

Shravan Kamal



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